"As my mentor passed it down to me, I now pass it to you." -Luth, to Rinn Amakiir.

Zencho is an enchanted greatsword, wielded by Rinn Amakiir. It was a gift from her mentor and symbol of her becoming a Paladin in truth.


Luth Art

Luth wielding Zencho

Zencho is a large greatsword, made from Dragon bone, bejeweled with a single large ruby.


Zencho was first created by San no Kimi, during the early years of The Age of Winter. Her uncle, Naga no Kimi, a Dragon and guardian of Toreal Canyon, had perished at the hands of his grandson, Ashita no Kimi, The Woodchild, who he refused to kill. Later, his bones were used to create Zencho, in memory of San's uncle, and the promise of the fulfillment of his mission. Since its creation, Zencho has been passed down the no Kimi line for hundreds of years. Eventually, the last of the no Kimi, Moro no Kimi, passed the Sword on to her apprentice, Luth, who wielded it in the protection of Stadfesta. After the defeat of Kochanka, Luth passed it on to his apprentice, Rinn, acknowledging her as a true Paladin in her own right.


  • Once per day, you can use use your action to look into the ruby of Zencho, and by doing so, scry a single object or creature. If the target is a creature, they must be willing for you to perform such an action on them. You must have seen the object or creature before, and any occurrence, object or creature that is part of your vision that you have not seen is filled by your imagination and deductions, though you can discern the truth from your own machinations.
  • You can call Zencho to your hand if you and Zencho are on the same plan of existance. To do so, you must reach out with the hand you intend to hold the sword in, and utter any variation of the phrase, "Come to me, Zencho". The sword takes one action to come to your hand, though will not move if there is anything between you and it. If in the time it takes to come to your hand, any obstruction appears, the sword stops moving and falls to the ground.
  • Zencho has 550 hit points, and is considered almost unbreakable.
  • Any creature whose alignment is Evil targeted by an attack with Zencho takes an additional d6 of Force damage. If a creature of Evil alignment otherwise touches the weapon, they take 1d4 Force damage, and continue to take 1d4 Force for every turn they are in contact with it. You are aware when Zencho deals this additional damage.

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