"You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?" -Yami, to Hector Frost.

Yami is the Spirit of Death. Known to the people of Tsukino as The Shinigami, he is one who takes a special interest in the deceased. He is also the direct counterpart to Yoru, the Spirit of Night.


Yami appears as a ghostly figure, either with a pale white face, or a skull. He dresses in stark white or deep black, long tattered robes.


Yami was first born of The Abyss in the earliest ages of Lorerah. He has since become the symbol of death itself. While he has no power over the living, he is known to be very persuasive, and is capable of twisting Mortals to his ends.

Winters Heart

Yami has a vested interest in The Children of Frost. As a result, should any of them die, before passing on completely, they first enter his realm, and he will propose to them a deal. The nature of the deal is such that they can either pass into the great unknown, or return to life and perform a simple task for him. To signify the offering of the deal, Yami will present a candle, its flaming flickering out. He will explain that the candle represents the life of the person, and should it go out, they will die, and offer them a new candle, telling them to light it with the old one. Doing so will signify the agreement of the person. After this, the person will come back to life, the candle able to be summoned at will. If the person fails to complete the task set before the candle burns out, the person dies once more, and their soul becomes the property of Yami. The candle can only burn out through time, and is immune to any other effects that may snuff it out. If the person completes the task, they will be given a new candle, the lighting of which signifies freedom from Yami's deal, and a new lease on life.

Thus far, Yami has only proposed such a deal with Hector Frost, who refused him, and passed into the afterlife of his own will.


  • Yami is based on the Japanese concept on Shinigami. The candle imagery is taken from the same myth.

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