"A most ancient of plants, a symbol of the life we strive to earn." -Wingard Bright-Hand.

Warm Root is a type of root grown only in Toreal Canyon. It is essential in replicating the process that transformed the Humans of Toreal Canyon into the Hverfr.


During The First Snows, the Humans of Toreal Canyon sought an answer to the plight of all life in Wintervale. To this end, they infused themselves with magic, through a ritual, intended to transform them and their home, that they would be protected from the Winter. This ritual resulted, among many other things, in the creation of Warm Root, vestiges of the seven trees belonging to the ancient sages of The Canyon. The Root has only ever grown in Toreal Canyon, and is jealously guarded by the Hverfr, with only a few notable exceptions being permitted to carry or use the root.


Warm Root appears as a large root, golden in appearance, and is warm to the touch. The Root has glowing veins and the smell of petrichor.


Warm Root is a result of the original ritual that created the Hverfr, and can be used to replicate the process. To this end, it can heal any disease or poison or infirmity a person may be dealt, at the cost of one's race, as one's body and essence will change as a result. To be used, it can have its power transferred through a magical spell, or alchemically applied to a potion.

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