"May you find happiness in all your endeavours, my son. Your loving Father, Victor Frost." -The final line from Victor Frost's last will and testament.

Victor Frost was a Human Jeweller living in the town of Smar, and was, until his death, the Guardian of The Frozen Mirror.

Early Life

Victor Frost was born in Smar, south of Heygja, trained in the ways of a warrior by his stoic father, though it was not clear why to him at the time. At the age of 10, he was told of The Frozen Mirror, and of his duty to guard it from those who would seek to take it at all costs. Following the death of his father, Victor kept the Mirror safe, hiding on a Mountain north of Smar for a week, nearly dying of frost. He was saved by the Armonia, the Spirit of the Song, who gifted him with the knowledge of his lineage and the reason why he was given the task he now bore, and the blessing of Divine Lineage, for his children to be imbued with talent born from their ancestors. Returning to Smar, he became a jeweller, and years later, was married and had a son named Hector , though his wife tragically died during childbirth.

Father to a Reluctant Hero

Raising Hector on his own, Victor was a quite father, teaching Hector the ways of a jeweller, and, when Hector was 10 years old, the duty Hector was to fulfil. Eventually, Victor was killed on a routine journey to Heygja, mauled by snow tigers, leaving his son all alone, to eventually forget about the Mirror, leaving it hidden away underneath the floorboards of their home, which was razed with the rest of the town years later.

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