"A pleasure to see you again Luth. I trust you're in good health?" Vandr Karl to Luth.

Vandr Karl Nightberry is a demonic Polani shaman, and is the current patron of The Nightberry Family, from the town of Stadfesta. He is an extremely old shaman, who is known as a combination of healer, diviner, and alchemist. Beyond the knowledge of the people of Stadfesta, He is, like the rest of his family throughout history, a practitioner of black magic.

Patron of The Nightberry Family

Vandr Karl is extremely old, having lived over 300 years, sustaining himself with magic. He is as old as the matron of the family, Kochanka Nightberry, though she has been dead for 250 years. He lived in the shadow of his matron, who held the power within the family, and seeks to revive her and use her powers to himself ascend. He has withheld this from even the other members of the family, who otherwise seek to revive her so that she can lead them back to their former power.


Vandr Karl is an extremely old, wizened man, wearing a hooded poncho weaved with arcane symbols, underneath which is a robe. His eyes are amber and constantly diluted. He has ragged white hair that comes down over his eyes on occasion. He has dark markings along his skin.


Vandr Karl is a cruel man. He is willing and eager to torture those who get in his way and has no qualms performing his dark arts when the cost is to others. He otherwise maintains the facade of the kind but mysterious shaman, talking in riddles and metaphors.


  • Vandr Karl's name is the Norse translation of the words "Bad Man".

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