"None who have entered there have ever returned. Do you understand me?" -Eboshi, to Vandr Karl Nightberry.

The Woodchild is an ancient being living in The Darkgarden, a forest underneath both Toreal Canyon and Stadfesta, connecting the two together. It is feared by those who know the legends surrounding it.

Early Life

Born Ashita no Kimi during The Age of Winter, The Woodchild was a Hverfr child who lived a simple, happy life as the rest of his people. He lived with his Father, a warrior named Okkoto no Kimi. After Okkoto's death, Ashita was devastated, and desperately sought a means of bringing him back. One night, he stole into The Sacred Plain, and acquired the mystical Warm Root, with which he might restore his father's life. Offering his life's energies, Ashita used the Warm Root, although none could have foresaw what happened next.

Birth of a Monstrosity

The effects of the Warm Root, combined with the failed ritual of the child, Naga's body rotted, the rot suffusing itself into the boy's body, himself becoming a abomination, a specter of wood and root, a terror that killed everything surrounding his home, including his grandfather, Naga no Kimi, his home becoming known as The Darkgarden, a place of horror and death.

Rebirth after Death

Hundreds of years later, three adventurers, Hector Frost, Fenrir Wolfsbane and Job Silkman ventured into The Darkgarden after being teleported there by Vandr Karl Nightberry, who had intended to use The Woodchild for his own purposes following the resurrection of his Family's Matron, Kochanka Nightberry. The Woodchild attacked the three, severely wounding both Hector and Fenrir, only stopped by Job's last ditch attempt at survival. While Fenrir managed to recover from his injuries, Hector succumbed to his wounds, and perished. After the Woodchild's defeat, the spirit of Ashita was reborn a benevolent spirit of the forest, and felt deep regret toward those he'd killed, including Hector. The Darkgarden itself became a place of light and warmth, filled with Flowers of Passing. He led Jack and Fenrir out of the Darkgarden, through a well leading to the town centre of Stadfesta, creating a staircase of root and vine to access it. Before they left, The Woodchild gave them each a Seed from the Flowers of Passing, which would grow to give them minor items of power.

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