11Uryu's bow

"A flash, then once more the moonless night was shrouded in darkness, only the silhouette of the slain beast and my rescuer standing above me." -Polla Sorano.

The Truesilver Bow is an Artifact created by Avem, the Spirit of the Skies, taking the form of a holy symbol of Argent , worn around the wrist. The user can, with the symbol as the point of origin, conjure a silver spectral bow. The bow acts with the stats of a longbow, though any who use it are considered Proficient. Damage dealt with the Bow overcome all resistances. The user can choose an amount of damage types equal to their Intelligence Modifier (Minimum 1), with the exception of Bludgeoning, Piercing or Slashing Damage. Any creature with resistance to the chosen types is vulnerable to all attacks from the Bow. The types must be chosen before this effect can be used. The Bow can be conjured and dismissed both as free actions. The Bow fires spectral arrows which never run out. In addition, the Bow deals extra damage equal to your Intelligence Modifier.