"A unique item, as not many men would have the morals to use such a thing nor find it useful when alone. Especially a man of your disposition." -Archus Runekeeper to Alder Serpin.

The Shield of The Phoenix is a magical item currently in the possession of Hector Frost. It grants the user the power to take damage unto themselves to protect others.


The Shield appears similar to a normal shield, although made of blue steel with a phoenix emblazoned on it. In particular, it is a Wukongese disk shield, slightly curved, with a handle and a strap.


The Shield was first created in the Age of Winter by Feng Huang of The Mountain of Justice. Not long after its creation, it was given as a gift to Sir Kyle of The Children of Summer, and made its way to Alder Serpin, a Cleric of The Fireborn. Having no use for it other than a decoration, Alder kept Shield in his treasure room, where it remained until his death at the hands of Hector Frost, who found himself the new owner of the Shield.


While you have the Shield in your possession, you can select one Creature. Whenever the selected Creature takes damage, you can choose to take the damage instead. You can change the Creature you target using a bonus action.

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