"A rare and beautiful item. The one you got this from must have been terribly sorry they crossed you." -Shady Nikolai.

The Shadow Blade is an ancient artifact forged in Tsukino. It is an improvable magical weapon.


The Shadow Blade takes the form of a black and dark-steel Katana hilt, covered in blue runes that glow with no light given off. When active, a blade made from pure shadow appears from the hilt, in the shape of a blade chosen by the wielder.


The Blade has powers which can be unlocked through improving it. Its base power is described above. With each improvement, the Blade gains powers listed here:

  1. The Blade can leave a trail of darkness behind it. This can be used to create cover, with which you can make a Stealth attempt.
  2. The Blade can cut through any inanimate object, thought the Blade must hit with a perfect angle, requiring a successful Dexterity Check, the DC of which is determined by the stats of the object in question and is DM's discretion. In Combat, this can be used to bypass Armor. Rolling the Dexterity Check before any given Attack Roll successfully can reduce a Creature's AC by 1d4 for that Attack, though the AC cannot be reduced beyond what is possible using base AC calculations (10 + Dexterity Modifier, unless wearing Medium (Max +2) or Heavy (Max +0) Armor).
  3. The Blade can deal an additional amount of Necrotic Damage equal to your Wisdom Modifier.
  4. The Blade can launch a ranged Attack (Range 120) with the Modifiers and Damage remaining constant with Melee Attacks.


First created in Tsukino, for the Shadow Monk known as The Black Hound, The Shadow Blade was on his person when he died 500 years ago, in what was then known as Warg Territory. After that, having been presented with it by The Whisperer, Mark Garmin, a Shadow Monk from Horizon, claimed it as his own, and wielded it until his death six months later at the hands of Grinrall, the Mind Breaker. It was then claimed by Garmin's comrade Krusk Iron-Fist, who then sold it to Shady Nikolai for 1,200 Gold. Soon after, it was sold to a Syndicate enforcer named Leer. Upon Leer's death at the hands of The Bounty Hunters, the Blade was claimed by warrior from Tsukino named Odysseus, who soon left on a pilgrimage. The Blade has been gone from history since.

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