The Ring of Sacrifice

"Should it come to that, it is a sacrifice I am willing to make." -Alder Serpin.

The Ring of Sacrifice is one of three magical rings worn by Alder Serpin, and is in the possession of Fenrir Wolfsbane. It is a last resort for the user to protect themselves from harm at terrible cost.


The Ring is banded in silver with a blood red crystal in the shape of a drop. When the Ring is active, the crystal glows red.


  • To active the Ring, you must be wearing the Ring and utter the phrase, "Preserve that which I hold dear".
  • Once active, any creature within 50 ft of you that is not hostile to you must roll a Wisdom Saving Throw, the difficulty determined as 8 + Your Proficiency Bonus + Your Charisma Modifier. Any creature that fails the Saving Throw is affected by the Ring's Magic.
  • All affected creatures will do anything in their power to protect you from harm. Unless impossible, this will manifest in the affected creature interposing itself between you and the biggest threat it can identify, granting you three-quarters cover. If the affected creature's AC is lower than your own, any attack roll lower than your AC but higher than the AC of the affected creature hits the creature.
  • The effect ends after a duration of 1 minute. Each turn, any affected creature can roll a Wisdom Saving Throw to end the effect before the end of the duration. After the effect ends, the affected creatures realize that you used magic to influence their behavior.
  • When you use this effect, any unaffected creatures within the effect's area of effect will understand your intent in using the Ring.
  • You can use this feature 3 times. You must complete a long rest to replenish uses of the Ring.


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