The Ring of Paranoia

"It seems the city is behaving as it should. That is good." -Alder Serpin.

The Ring of Paranoia is one of three magical rings worn by Alder Serpin and is in the possession of Fenrir Wolfsbane. It is enchanted with a Scrying spell, bound to Anya Serpin, who resides in The Temple of The Fireborn, in Summer Sanctuary.


The Ring is banded in ebony, with an amber crystal with an engraving of an eye. When the ring is active, the engraving will glow blue, and the entire crystal will become smooth and pale, flat, like a monocle.


When the phrase "Give me sight beyond that which is mine" is uttered, the Ring is considered active. The engraving of an eye on the amber crystal will glow blue, and the entire crystal will turn flat and pale. When looking through the lens created by the Ring, you can see and hear through the eyes and ears of Anya Serpin.


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