"A marvelous show of ancient magic, of the kind I've not seen in many a year." -Wingard Brighthand to Job Silkman.

The Promise is a magical artifact gifted to Job Silkman by The Woodchild. It was grown from the Seed of a Flower of Passing. It is a commemoration of the love between Job and his wife, Rose Silkman.


The appearance of The Promise is a variable one, though a more consistent description would be that of mystical flower, the existence of which would seem impossible.


The Promise's appearance changes to reflect the condition of Rose Silkman, in the following ways:

  • Happy. The flower more closely resembles a sunflower, the petals lengthening and turning yellow.
  • Asleep. The pedals turn periwinkle and bloom.
  • Sad. The flower more closely resembles a monkshood, with purple, drooping pedals.
  • Angry. The petals grow bright red and ragged, the stem developing thorns.
  • Scared. The pedals turn orange and greatly increase in number, blowing in an absent wind.
  • Pain. The pedals begin to fall, though the stem retains its life.
  • Dead. The flower withers and dies.

The Promise also carries the secondary effect of saving Job from death, described here:

  • Any criteria fulfilled that would cause death, such as damage taken, death saving throws failed, or magical effects causing death will fail to kill you.
  • Every time this effect is activated, a charge of The Promise is expended. You have 3 charges, which cannot be replenished.
  • You can spend a short rest determining whether this effect is active or not.


  • The Promise, like The Inheritance and The Favor, are driven by the theme of loved ones and loss. The Promise specifically represents the theme of holding on to your loved ones.

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