"Thats quite an... interesting item you have there. Not many would think to use it, but honestly, its probably the most practical item around." -Sly Woodcroft, to Alder Serpin.

The Pants of The Magician are a magical item currently in the possession of Fenrir Wolfsbane. It has the power to store incredible amounts, as well as aid sleight of hand.


The Pants appear as a comfortable pair of blue wooden pants, able to stretch to fit almost any wearer. Beyond that, they appear rather unremarkable.


The Pants were first created by Thalassa Magnama in The Age of Winter. After Thalassa's death, the Pants wound up in the hands of her daughter, Trucy, who used them as a performer, as a tool in sleight of hand. Eventually, the Pants were stolen from her, and ended up in the possession of Alder Serpin. While Alder saw value in them as a magical item, the appearance of the Pants prevented him form ever wearing them, and as a result, they were left to gather dust in Alder's treasure room, where they remained until his death, after which they were found by Jack, of The Children of Frost, and promptly given to Fenrir Wolfsbane.


The Pants act as a Bag of Holding, able to carry up to 100 lbs with no visual signs of the fact, nor is the weight able to be felt by the wearer. The wearer can access this function through the pockets. Additionally, if the wearer can hold an object that only they can see, they can teleport that object to the Pants, and as long as they can create a space where the object would not be seen upon retrieval, an object can be teleported from the Pants to the wearer's hand.

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