"I have to investigate the curse that is to befall this town, that first befell the Paladin Luth." -Innslowe Dawn-Shield, to The Children of Frost.

The Nightberry Family are an ancient family living in the town of Stadfesta. They are the ones who are responsible for the curse that almost resulted in Luth's death, and may yet destroy Stadfesta. They are made up entirely of demonic Polani, and are currently led by the patron of the family, Vandr Karl.


Aside from the matron of the family, Kochanka, The Nightberry Family is made up of few, but powerful members. These members are:

  • Vandr Karl - The patron of the family. An old shaman.
  • Daudr - A cruel warrior who fights like a demon. Twin brother of Bani.
  • Bani - A witch who uses magic for evil. Twin Sister of Daudr.
  • Illska - The youngest of the children, a shadowy figure who uses darkness and magic to invisibly commit her deeds.
  • Mordvig - The eldest of the children, a chilling and ruthless figure, dedicated to his mother, and most powerful of the Family save her.

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