"Many of the best warriors hail from there. Each a force their own." -Liu Zetian.

The Mountain of Romance is the Northern-most Mountain among The Mountains of Magic. It is home to, primarily Salaman of Brass, Gold and Red scales. It is associated with Fire.

House of Three

The civilisation of the Mountain was once under a single ruler, passed from father to son, of the ruling house, House Tongyi. One say, during The Age of Innovation, the Lord of House Tongyi passed away without naming an heir, as his three children were all born at the same time, and had equal claim to his throne. Each of the three refused to give up their claim, and each had equal sway over the Mountain and its forces. From this, House Tongyi fell, and from its ashes rose three houses, led by each of the sons; House Gaang, created by Quantou, with command and respect among the Mountain's military forces, House Jin, created by Yingbi, with control over the Mountain's economy, and House Laotie, created by Canyin, with mastery over food, labor, and resource throughout the Mountain. Each of the Houses continue to rule, with forced collaboration yet constant cold war between them, each seeking its perceived birthright as the ruing house of The Mountain of Romance.

House Gaang

House Gaang, the house of force and steel, resides in The Tower in the Wall, built into the wall around The Mountain. During the final years of The Age of Winter, House Gaang is ruled by Shunuchen Gaang, The Lady of the Dust. Shunuchen is the commander over the military of The Mountain of Romance, and a fearsome warrior. The followers of Gaang throughout the Mountain live outside the Mountain's natural borders, instead in its massive walls, and are marked by their decoration of steel, and warrior culture.

House Jin

House Jin, the house of commerce and gold, resides in The Palace of, deep in the heart of the Mountain itself. During the final years of The Age of Winter, House Jin is ruled by Qian Jin, Master of Coin throughout the Mountain. The followers of Jin throughout the Mountain live outside the Mountain, and are marked by their decoration of gold and mercantile ways.

House Laotie

House Laotie, the house of labor and iron, reside outside the Mountain, in The Cavern of the Old Ore. During the final years of The Age of Winter, House Laotie is ruled by Gongzuo Laotie, the Master of Ore th