Kurain courthouse

"The spirit of justice in each and every soul living here. It is part of the culture, of the blood." -Bao Fatebringer.

The Mountain of Justice is the Eastern-most Mountain among The Mountains of Magic. It is home primarily to Silver and White Salaman. It is associated with Cold. It is the birthplace of many of Wintervale's best Watchmen, Attorneys, Prosecutors, and Judges, and many such professionals come from all over the country to study there, including the legendary prosecutor Lawrence Ashwing.

City Structure

The Mountain of Justice is structured around the three courthouses, and the districts surrounding them. The first is the Civil Court, the second is the Criminal Court, and the third is the Supreme Court. The three are separated by the mountain itself, inside which is the Prison of Justice. All are connected by large tunnels inside the mountain.

The Civil Court

The Civil Court governs the cases of civilian matters, such as lawsuits and property protection, intellectual or otherwise.

The Criminal Court

The Criminal Court manages the cases regarding crime, most often murders.

The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court oversees cases of high law, managing political matters, and deciding on laws.

The Prison of Justice

The Prison of Justice is the largest prison in all of Wintervale, comprising most of the interior of the mountain.


  • Each of The Mountains of Magic are based on a work of classical Chinese literature. The Mountain of Justice is based on works centering on Bao Zheng. To further differentiate the style, and because the DM, James Fisher is a fan of the material, it also takes inspiration from the Ace Attorney franchise.