"'Do you understand the threat they pose to your entire World?' 'There is no threat. I will crush all under my boot. They are simply my instruments, whether they see that or not." -A conversation between Barrash and Morgorath.

The Monster Hunters were a group of adventures, portrayed by the players. Their Quest was to thwart the plans of Morgorath, and ended at the conclusion of that journey.

The Monster Hunters are listed here:

  • Krusk Iron-Fist, played by Declan Ballantine.
  • Mark Garmin (deceased), played by Anthony Simon.
  • Blackjack Donario, played by Anthony Simon.
  • Louis, played by Solomon Ashton.
  • Owiryn, played by Jaydan Holmes.
  • Sarabizazawadi, played by Laura Cornell.
  • Gerbo, played by Daniel Manning (abandoned).
  • Caelynn Emberskin, played by Tomas Clancy (abandoned).


  • The Monster Hunters were the party of Player Characters in the appropriately named "Monster Hunters" Campaign, the campaign DMed by James Fisher before he created Winters Heart upon its completion.

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