"Just as the leaves of the forest fall, The Leaf of Fthinoporo brings the fall of weather and leaf. The people of The Painted Forest share in its Autumnal splendour." -Storiwyr Prisma.

The Leaf of Fthinoporo is one of the four Symbols of the Seasons, required to open The Door of The Four Seasons. It is located in The Fall Glade in The Painted Forest of Litr.


The Leaf is a large pine leaf made of topaz, bound in Brass. It weighs about 2 lbs, and is the size of one's forearm.


Created by Fthinoporo during the final years of The Age of Magic, and bestowed, upon the Gnomish hero, Arwrhud, of The Moetta Gildi, as part of their quest to unite the Magic Guilds of Wintervale, the Leaf was used by Arwrhud on their adventures, finally being taken back to The Fairy's Wing Guild, in The Painted Forest of Litr. After the unification of Guilds, and the creation of The Winter's Heart Guild, the Leaf was left in The Fall Glade, a clearing in the heart of the Forest.


Attempting to attune to the Leaf will result in your soul being projected into The Realm of Autumn, where you will face a trial. Succeeding the trial will result in you being attuned to the Leaf. While Attuned to the Leaf, you gain the following benefits:

  • You can focus the wind around you onto yourself, granting you a flying speed of 70 ft.
  • You can hold your breath for up to 30 minutes.
  • You can cast Gust of Wind at will, without expending a spell slot.

You lose attunement with the Leaf if you move more than 30 ft from it, regaining attunement if you reenter its range.

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