"You've seen them. In the sky, giving us the gifts of nature, spurring the flow of the world." -Percie Portsman, to a young Louis.

Created by Skapari, the First God, God of Creation and Logic, The Hearts are celestial bodies that float around the sky, delivering to Lorerah Night and Day, the Four Seasons, Weather, and Natural Being. The Hearts appear are glowing entities in the, but when physically threatened, take the form of mystical beings. They float around the sky in a circular clockwork fashion, with the exception of The Heart of Magic, which resides in Honeremorte, the first created land, though not the first built upon by The Gods. There are 8 Hearts, listed here:

  • The Heart of Day
  • The Heart of Night
  • The Heart of Summer
  • The Heart of Autumn
  • The Heart of Winter
  • The Heart of Spring
  • The Heart of The Storm
  • The Heart of Magic

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