Wukong Stick

"I found it in the hand of a petrified warrior. Judging by his garb, he was not from anywhere in Wintervale." -Kame Turtle-Fist."

The Golden-Hooped Staff is a mystical artifact created in Longjia. It made its way to Wintervale when Shi Hou Cloudwalker journeyed there, his journey ending in a battle that left him petrified. The Staff made its way through warriors until being found by The Heroes.


The Staff has many powers, but must be improved in the hands of its current owner to gain access to them. Its base power, always accessible, is its ability to grow and shrink to any length at will. Its power has levels attained when improved described here:

  1. The Staff can be telekinetically controlled by its owner as long as the owner can see it.
  2. The Staff can make copies of itself, up to your Level + Wisdom Modifier, that each last as long as the owner can maintain concentration. If the Staff has been copied, the owner must roll a Wisdom saving throw every turn to maintain concentration.
  3. The Staff can be changed into the form of a Creature up to a Challenge Rating of up to half your Level. The Creature is obedient to your commands and can be commanded telepathically. The Creature exists for a number of rounds determined by a d4 roll, or until your concentration is broken. This ability cannot be used at the same time as another.

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