"I heard the original owner of this had lost his identity, so entrenched in false guises as he was, never seeing even his own face." -Jon Umskipti to Alder Serpin.

The Garb of The Phantom is a magical outfit that at the will of the wearer can change to appear as any outfit the wearer chooses. It is currently in the possession of Jack.


The Garb, in its true form, appears as a form fitting white, silken outfit, including a shirt, pants, and slippers. Given its power, however, it can theoretically look like anything.


The Garb was first created by Jorgen Umskipti, during the Age of Innovation. Whether is was given, or taken is unknown, but the Garb was later used by a Rogue named The Phantom, whose name was used to describe the Garb thereafter. Eventually it was lost, recovered by Alder Serpin in The Age of Winter. While he had some use for the Garb, Alder mostly kept it in his treasure room, where it was found after his death by Jack of The Children of Frost, who appropriated it.


You can, as a free action, change the appearance of the Garb to any outfit of your choosing, as long as it can be worn by a Creature of your size. The Garb can confer armour benefits, though it will also confer penalties if the armour you create has such properties. The Garb can visually simulate a magical effect, though it cannot replicate them e.g. you can change the Garb to appear as a Cloak of Eyes, but you cannot see through the eyes, as you could with the actual cloak.

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