"Keep this hidden, my son. If this Mirror falls into the hands of the Enemy, then all is lost." -Victor Frost, to his son, Hector.

The Frozen Mirror is an ancient Artifact created in the Age of Bloodshed to contain The Knight of Frost.


During the Age of Bloodshed, in the final days of The War, The Knight of Frost was created to end the conflict. The result was more than anything anybody could have been prepared for, and soon, measures had to be taken to control this all-powerful warrior. This resulted in the creation of The Frozen Mirror, a containment vessel, or, more accurately, a doorway to a world known as The Endless Tundra, where The Knight of Frost is made to wander for all eternity. Following its creation, the Mirror was given to the Noble Knight, Jeffry Frost to safeguard from all who would claim the Mirror for their own. Jeffry left his home of Snowfall Castle to the town of Smar, where he became a jeweller, His descendants becoming the guardians of the Mirror for the next 1000 years...


The Mirror appears as an ornate mirror, framed in silver, the body made of never melting ice, the size of a full length mirror, though designed more as a portrait mirror.


The Mirror acts as the main doorway to The Endless Tundra, and the only gateway to enter or exit that realm. However, any mirror bound in silver made of ice can be used to view or make contact with The Knight of Frost. If one were to destroy the Mirror, The Knight of Frost would be free to walk Lorerah again, to do as he pleased.

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