"The easternmost of the Four Symbols. The Symbol of life and rebirth." -Pracina Wellspring.

The Flower of Anoixi is one of the four Symbols of the Seasons, required to open The Door of The Four Seasons. It is located in The Sun Garden in Efst.


The Flower resembles the head of its namesake, specifically that of the combination of a daffodil and a sunflower, made of diamond and amber, bound in silver. It weighs about 2 lbs, and is roughly the size of a plate.


Created by Anoixi, the Flower was, during the final years of The Age of Magic, bestowed upon Nayaka, the Giant hero, and member of The Moetta Gildi, on their quest to unite the Magic Guilds of Wintervale. The Flower was kept in The Sun Garden, a sacred place outside The Guild Hall in Efst. It has remained there ever since.


Attempting to attune yourself to the Flower, you will find your soul projected into The Realm of Spring, where you will perform a trial, succeeding in which you can become attuned with it. Whilst attuned to the Flower, you gain the following benefits:

  • You can grow any plant you have knowledge of, including those which are poisonous, edible, or restorative.
  • Using the above ability, you can create plant monsters, limited to a Challenge Rating Equal to 1/8th of your Level. The number of monsters you can create is limited to your Wisdom Modifier. Once you have created a number of monsters up to your limit, you must complete a long rest before you can do so again.
  • You learn the Druidcraft Cantrip.

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