"The bodies have gone solid. I'm the only one left now." -Excerpt from the diary of Renaea Lornna, founder of Heygja.

The land was once coated in the ever changing seasons of Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. But 697 years ago, The Heart of Winter, a powerful artifact more powerful than The Gods covered the land in a never ending Winter. The Winter changed the face of the land, but it was the introduction of Winter that shook the land the hardest, an event called the First Snows. The First Snows caused many deaths, the destruction and loss of homes. Many races adapted in order to survive, with the Salamandr retreating to their mountains, a civilization of Humans infusing themselves with magic, becoming the Hverfr, the Dwarves being forced under the snow in the city of Dhark Ungor, Humans building cities to resist the deadly effects of Winter.