"It exists that you may question your reason for living, and for fighting." -Wingard Brighthand to Fenrir Wolfsbane.

The Favor is a magical item gifted to Fenrir Wolfsbane by The Woodchild. It was grown from the Seed of a Flower of Passing.


The Favor appears as a kerchief made from moss, though despite its material, is almost unbreakable.


While wearing The Favor, you gain the following benefits:

  • When you hit with a melee attack, you can also cast an offensive spell in the same action. The spell is guaranteed to hit, unless the requirement is a saving throw. No matter the spells effect, the circumstances of the spell obey those of the melee attack (e.g. a casting of Eldritch Blast in this manner following a sword strike, the Eldritch Blast will maintain the damage and type, but land with the sword strike, rather than attacking from a range). No matter the components of the spell, the components become Verbal, and the Verbal component is the name of a loved one.
  • In the event that you use this effect to cast a spell that requires a Dexterity Saving Throw to halve damage, the Saving Throw automatically fails.


  • The Favor, along with The Inheritance and The Promise, are driven by the theme of loved ones and loss. The Favor specifically represents the theme of fighting for those you love.

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