"The greatest warriors journey there, to begin their service, and one day, return into glory." -Zhizhe Fortunespeaker.

The Emberguard are unique warriors from all over The Mountains of Magic. They are the protectors of The Ember of Kalokairi, deep in the heart of The Mountain of War.

The Cinder Pilgrimage

Once every ten years, each of The Mountains of Magic send a volunteer to The Mountain of War to begin The Cinder Pilgrimage, wherein they must meet with the other volunteers at the foot of The Mountain of War, and together journey to the heart, where the current Emberguard reside, with the intention of relieving them and becoming Emberguard themselves. They form a party known as The Cinder Pilgrims.

The Ember Chamber

The Emberguard reside deep in the heart of The Mountain, in a large chamber known as The Ember Chamber. There they defend The Ember of Kalokairi from any danger that may present itself, usually in the form of monsters attracted to the power it has, though occasionally from greedy treasure hunters seeking a reward for their exploration.

Relief of an Emberguard

When a group of Cinder Pilgrims arrive to relieve The Emberguard, The Emberguard return to their homes, and are awarded for their service with a title of their choosing, only limited by the power of The Mountains of Magic, and to titles not already claimed by previous Emberguards.

Choosing of a Pilgrim

For the great rewards, many a warrior will volunteer for The Cinder Pilgrimage. However, the ultimate choice of an Emberguard goes to the current ruler of any given Mountain.

The Former Emberguard

During the events of Winter's Heart, the Emberguard as first met in The Mountain of War were as listed below:

The Current Emberguard

During the events of Winter's Heart, the title of Emberguard is changed from the former to the following:

Though it is to be noted that the above are not officially Emberguard, and are only to be given the title at the conclusion of Hector's Boy's mission.

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