"The pride of the Salaman of The Mountains of Magic. The jewel of The Mountain of War." -Zhanglao Azurescale.

The Ember of Kalokairi is one of the four Symbols of The Seasons, required to open The Door of The Four Seasons. It is located in the heart of The Mountain of War.


The Ember resembles its namesake, a perpetually burning ember made of obsidian. It is about 3 lbs, and is the size of a melon.


Created by Kalokairi during the final years of The Age of Magic, The Ember of Kalokairi was bestowed upon the Salaman hero Moshu Shi, of The Moetta Gildi, as part of their quest to unify The Magic Guilds of Wintervale. After this, it was taken to The Guild Hall of The Dragon's Eye Guild, in The Mountains of Magic. Since the unification of Guilds to The Winter's Heart Guild, The Ember has been kept in The Chamber of Fire at the top of The Mountain of War.


Attempting to attune yourself to the Ember, you will find your soul projected into The Realm of Summer, where you will perform a trial, succeeding in which you can become attuned with it. Whilst attuned to the Ember, you gain the following benefits:

  • You gain immunity to fire damage, and cannot be harmed by fire.
  • You can cast Burning Hands as a Second Level Spell at will, without expending a spell slot.
  • You can, if exposed to a source of nonmagical fire, use your action to heal 2d4 + Your Constitution Modifier.

You lose attunement with the Ember if you move more than 30 ft from it, regaining attunement if you reenter its range. 

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