"I suddenly woke to find myself imprisoned here. I don't remember anything beyond that." -Gaspen Minstro.

The Crown of Dominion is an Artifact created by Haran, the Spirit of the Crown, taking the form of a crown of silver and blue stone. The Crown, when worn, grants the wearer the ability to dominate the mind of another creature. On your action, you can force a creature to roll a Wisdom Saving Throw, the DC equal to 10 + your Charisma Modifier. On a successful save, nothing happens, and no more attempts can be made on that creature until you have finished a long rest. On a failed save, you possess the creature and can perceive through its senses and act as you please for a period of 1 minute x your Charisma Modifier. During this time, your body disappears, reappearing next to the possessed creature after the effect ends.