"A most useful tool for those who walk the path of magic. Decades of study can be completed in mere seconds with a tool such as this. I wonder how you ended up with this in your possession." -Wingard Bright-Hand to Alder Serpin.

The Cravat of The Worthy is a magical item currently in the possession of Dax. It grants magical prowess to the wearer.


The Cravat appears as a white, silken, three-frilled cravat. It is exceptionally stylish and has little compare in the way of fashion.


The Cravat was first created by Manfred Karuma during The Age of Winter. It was given to Alder Serpin as a gift during a political visit. Alder kept it as one of his magical treasures in his hidden treasure room, where it remained until his death, after which point it was taken by Fenrir Wolfsbane and then promptly stolen by Dax.


While wearing the Cravat, you can learn a spell simply by seeing it being cast. As long as you can perceive the Verbal and/or Somatic components of a spell being performed, where such components would be used, you now know the spell. You continue to know the spell even if you do not wear the Cravat. It does not count against your amount of spells known. You can cast using the Cravat, 1 spell for each level you know spells for, e.g. if you know 3 cantrips, first level spells and second level spells, you can prepare 1 cantrip, 1 first level spell and 1 second level spell. You have one spell slot with which you can cast the spell, with the exception of cantrips. Excepting cantrips, whatever spell you cast with the Cravat's spell slot is cast at its lowest level.

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