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"An ancient and respected order, though thought of less these days." -Urreek Wind-Howl.

The Cliff Rangers are an order of scouts and warriors who protect The Western Canyons. Originally founded in Vaengr by the Skrida, the Order extended to the Elves of Hamarr in time, and is primarily made up of those races, thought they will accept others into their ranks. They are known for patrolling The Western Canyons, though it is not uncommon for them to have a presence elsewhere. In this capacity, they still serve to protect people from supernatural threats and otherwise, though on a political level, are one of the neutral groups responsible for maintaining peace between communities. High ranking Rangers might be granted the honor of a Dire Rabbit mount.


All Rangers carry similar equipment, armaments, and apparel. This equipment includes:

  • A ranged weapon, such as a longbow.
  • A melee weapon, such as a longsword, or pair of scimitars.
  • A dagger for utility.
  • A pouch of 10 nets.
  • A Camouflage Cloak. The Camouflage allows a Ranger to make a Stealth attempt, if the Camouflage matches the environment in which the Ranger is trying to hide. To this effect, The Cliff Rangers have many different Cloaks, though as they tend to reside mostly in The Western Canyons, the standard Cloak is a Brown and Grey one.
  • An Explorer's Pack.
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The Winged Bow

The Cliff Rangers bear the symbol of a winged bow, used to identify them as members of their Order. The Symbol is worn as either a necklace, or a cloak clasp. Every Ranger has one, and few would ever willingly part with it.