"These people will be taking care of your from now on. You'd best get used to seeing them, as they will never be leaving your side." -Dench, to Emily Frost, regarding her new life as High Priestess.

The Clerics of The FireBorn are the upper echelon of The Children of Summer, the only ones who know the true nature of the Order. They are the immediate servants of Gregory Armando, and act as the hand of The Fire-Born.


The Children of Summer were created 200 years after The First Snows, when Gregory Fire-Born appeared alongside a group of priests, claiming to be the son of Garmi. The Order expanded, and is a mighty power, but to keep from falling apart, a small group was always aware of the true nature of The Fireborn, held in a position of sanctity, based in the central manse of Summer Sanctuary.

Winters Heart

The Clerics act as the hand of The Fireborn, and to that end, accumulate power and manipulate people to build upon The Children of Summer. The perform rituals to utilize the power of people's essence, and derive power and control through their High Priestess, Emily Frost, who was forced into servitude under them at the age of twelve.


There are many Clerics throughout Wintervale. The list, as it is, is written here: