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The Crest of The Children of Summer

"That fool thinks he's fighting for the cause of Summer. He's just fighting for a madman's lust for power." -Angela Dark-Wail, The Witch of Screaming Mountain, of her brother, Innslowe Dawn-Shield.

The Children of Summer are an order of warriors and priests. The majority fight in the name of the return of Summer, though those who lead them lead with the ulterior motive of power. They are based in the City of Summer Sanctuary.


The order was originally founded by a man named Gregory Fire-Born. The legends surrounding Gregory are that he was the child of Garmi, born in the bonfire of a group of priests praying for the end of Winter. He was then said to have shown them visions of Summer, having them paint the walls of his lodge with such depictions. The truth of the matter is that Gregory was in fact, a charlatan and deceiver, his lodging filled with illusions, the City built around it built on the delusions of Summer. With Gregory's death, he was said to be ascended and worshiped as The Fire-Born, paid homage to through sacrifice and other rituals.

Winters Heart

The Children of Summer see themselves as the bringers of Summer, though in truth they act as bandits, kidnappers and raiders, taking people and forcing them to undergo The Fiery Rebirth, a battle to the death to appease The Fire Born. The leader of the order at any given time is referred to as Gregory, in homage to their founder. They ritualistically ingest a potion that gives them the sensation of warmth, continuing the delusion of Summer. The potion however does not actually warm them, leaving many of them dead on the streets of their city. There is a group of warriors who fight in the name of the order, all of them magically influenced by Gregory. The most noteworthy of these is Innslowe Dawn-Shield.