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"Fortune favors you, traveler, if you seek a swift death." -Seeran Far-Seer.

The Charm of Ordained Fate is an Artifact created by Suhaanee, the Spirit of the Charm, taking the form of a good luck charm. The Charm is a plate inside a spinner, though while there should only be two sides, spinning it can result in any one of 20 outcomes. The result determines the fate of the user, bringing them luck, both good and bad. The ordained fate is not mechanical, and affects the characters by story critical means, and is noted by the DM and chosen accordingly. First, a d4 is rolled to determine the term the effect will happen in, a 1 being minutes, a 2 being hours, a 3 being days, and a 4 being weeks. Next, a d100 is rolled to determined the time inside of that. The possible results, determined by a d20 roll, are:

  1. The Fool - Optimism, and trust in life, directed to the user.
  2. The Magician - Action, directed at the user.
  3. The High Priestess - Inaction, inner mind.
  4. The Empress - Abundance, life in bloom.
  5. The Emperor - Structure, stability.
  6. The Hierophant - Society and tradition.
  7. The Chariot - Movement, progress, events progress faster and more hurried.
  8. Strength - Power and courage.
  9. The Hermit - Solitude, meditation.
  10. Justice - Fairness, equality.
  11. The Hanged Man - Surrender, enlightenment.
  12. Death - The end of something.
  13. Temperance - Balance, moderation.
  14. The Devil - Destructive patterns, addictions.
  15. The Tower - Sudden insight, collapse of structure.
  16. The Star - Hope, calm, good omen,
  17. The Moon - Mystery, dreams.
  18. The Sun - Success.
  19. Judgement - Rebirth, new beginnings.
  20. The World - Completion, wholeness.

The Charm also passively grants the user advantage on all Luck checks.