"A very unique item, to say the least. Are you sure you wouldn't be willing to sell it to me, good Cleric?" -Shady Nikolai to Alder Serpin.

The Bardic Shells of The Focused are a magical item that take the form of headphones, magically projecting music into the ears of the wearer. The music can increase ones abilities by invigorating their ability to focus on a task. They are currently in the possession of Rinn, of The Children of Frost.


The Shells are two leather bound wooden cups, connected by a sheet of flexible wood. They can be worn on the head.


The Shells were created by Simon Noteweave, a contemporary of Allochval Songblade, during The Age of Winter. They were purchased by Alder Serpin shortly after, and left in his treasure room as a decorative piece until the day of his death, when they were found by Rinn, who then made them hers.


The Shells function similarly to Bardic Inspiration, giving an additional die to an ability check, saving throw, or attack roll. You have a number of charges equal to your Wisdom Modifier + half your Level, rounded down (Minimum 1). It is a free action to use a charge. Whenever you use a charge, on your next ability check, saving throw, or attack roll you perform as long as The Shells are active, you gain an additional die added to the d20 roll, decided by the Bard Table (Minimum d6). You cannot use this effect on any roll involving Wisdom (Perception), unless the roll only requires sight and the target of your roll is within your cone of vision. It takes an Action to activate The Shells to gain its effects, and The Shells automatically deactivate if they are removed. While wearing the activated Shells, you automatically fail on any Wisdom (Perception) check that relies on hearing, and your passive Wisdom (Perception) is halved. For reference, a normal action, such as seeing a Creature move, or seeing an Ally fall unconscious, requires a passive Wisdom (Perception) of 10, unless you are directly involved with or specifically focused on said action. You have a cone of vision, 160 degrees wide, decided by your Actions, e.g. an attack roll against a Creature will have the cone face that creature. You cannot see anything happen outside of this cone, and must specifically turn to move the cone, potentially triggering an attack of opportunity, or sacrificing either movement or an Action, depending on the circumstances. You replenish charges of The Shells once every Short or Long Rest.

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