"A precious item that represents a value more could stand to have. Especially you, I might add." -Adrik Firetouch to Alder Serpin.

The Amulet of The Empath is a magical item in the possession of Princess Aleya of Elendor. It grants the wearer the ability to read the emotions of others.


The Amulet appears as a stylised head made from steel touched by the moon. It has a face that often changes to reflect the emotions of the wearer.


The Amulet of The Empath was created during The Age of Magic by Metis Skygaze. After her death, the Amulet found its way throughout history in the hands of many owners and collectors, eventually ending up in the possession of Alder Serpin, who hired a mercenary guild to steal it from the previous owners, The Moontouched Museum. Having no use for it beyond a trophy, Alder kept the Amulet in his treasure room, where it was was found after his death by The Princess Aleya, who claimed it thereafter.


While wearing the Amulet, you can passively detect the emotion of a Creature you can observe. If the Creature is aware that you may try to read their emotions, be it by the Amulet or otherwise, they are able to roll a Wisdom Saving Throw to resist the effect, with the difficulty determined as 8 + Your Proficiency bonus + Your Charisma Modifier.

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