"Shepherds of darkness, bringers of ill tidings and evil omens." -Allochval Songblade.

The Abyssal Spirits are evil beings brought into existence by The Abyss, in the same manner that The Abyssal Lords were created. They are counterparts to The Divine Spirits.

The Spirits as they exist are: (Note: Remove all bracketed text when complete)

  • Kolasi (Hell)
  • Loimos (Pestilence)
  • Peina (Famine)
  • Pyretos (Fever)
  • Shendu (Depth)
  • Liewu (Prey)
  • Kanbatsu (Drought)
  • Fumei (Unsure)
  • Yami
  • Aoman (Hubris)

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