"I saw a vision of a land bathed in the golden warmth of Summer's sunlight. I knew then, this was what I would fight for, a World without the tyranny of Winter." -Innslowe Dawn-Shield.

Summer Sanctuary is the city of The Children of Summer , located to the North, East of The Painted Forests of Litr.


After The First Snows, there was a desperation for salvation from the never ceasing Winter. To answer the prayers of the people, Gregory Fire-Born, a Human Charlatan, convinced a group of priests that he was the child of Grom himself. In reverence to him, the priests built for him a manse that would become the center of a great city. The manse was filled with images of a Summer that no one remembered, a Summer that may yet be to come, enchanted to draw in and immerse those who saw it. The manse became a holy site, and soon, as more people were enthralled by Gregory's promise, the city of Summer Sanctuary was born.

Winters Heart

Summer Sanctuary is a grand city. The sky is enchanted to hide the white of snow, with an ever-present blinding light resembling the sun, above the city regardless of time. The construction of the city is impressive, and to enter its gates for the first time would lead those to believe its splendor to be the truth of its nature. The city in truth, however, is filled with brigands and those who believe the promise of Gregory, who are so enthralled as to act according to The Clerics of The Fire-Born and their will.