"'I would never have thought this to be your home, Allochval. It's just so small'. 'Indeed, very humble, though with a homely beauty if you know where to look. I haven't found it mind you, I just have faith." -A conversation between Rosaria Fair-Garden and Allochval Songblade.

Smar is a small town south of Heygja, described by many as the type of town that is labeled on a map to spare the embarrassment of empty space. It was small and humble, home to traders with Helmingr, and those who ply the very basic of trades. It was also the home of Allochval Songblade , Orik Deft-Hands and The Frost Family. Two years prior to the events of Winters Heart, Smar was razed by the Orc Dench, on behalf of The Children of Summer, only recently being rebuilt.