Shady Nikolai 00000

"Ah, it is good to see you, my friend. Would you like to buy a watch?" -Shady Nikolai.

Shady Nikolai is known to few, but those who have the privilege of knowing him know him as a mysteriously resourceful salesman of the strange and wonderful. Shady Nikolai is a stranger who knows seemingly all. He makes his home in the Alley-Shade Market.

Physical Appearance

Shady Nikolai is a man of many faces, who can theoretically appear as anyone, though his most frequent appearance is that of a man wearing a black coat, a turban and strange black lenses over his eyes. His penchant for disguises is difficult to suppress, and he is known for changing voices and outfits.


Shady Nikolai is known to be friendly and amiable, always appearing when the Heroes are in need. He is known for offering particularly strange items to the Heroes for cheap prices, though will sell ordinary items for ordinary prices and custom ordered items for expensive prices.