Zaza Digital Art

"I don't trust you. I just woke up here, found two dead guys, a giant Orc Man, a Polar Bear, and a Demon Man. Yeah I'm keeping this to myself for now." -Sarabizazawadi, to The Monster Hunters, having found Barrash's journal, and withholding it.

Sarabizazawadi, or Zaza for short, is a Water Storm-Child Bard played by Laura Cornell, a watchmaker associated with The Merchants Guild in Honeremorte. She, having been rescued by The Monster Hunters from certain death, has joined them in their fight against Morgorath.

Monster Hunters

Having been kidnapped by Grinrall, The Mind Breaker, Zaza was held captive within his lair, rescued by The Monster Hunters as they came to find their missing friend, Garmin, slaying Grinrall in the process. Though initially terrified of them, having nowhere to go, Zaza decided to accompany them for the final battle against Morgorath's army, ready to fight against the tyrant himself. Having succeeded, she parted ways with her new friends, enjoying her new life in Saeren's Tower with her new friend, the Fairy Juniper.

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