"Y-y-y-your not going to hurt me, are you?" -Rince, to anybody that captures him.

Rince is a Human Wizard and a member of The Children of Summer. He once worked under Sir Kyle, and then under Sir Ulric , though now wanders alone, with no guidance from his Order.


Rince is a perpetually nervous young man, and is easily frightened with threats to his person. Underneath his cowardice however is a selfless and caring soul, who will take a stand in courage should someone he cares for be threatened. He is strategically lacking, but has talent in the studies of Magic, and shows excellence in that field when called upon.


Rince is tall and thin, wearing a orange set of wizard's robes emblazoned with the insignia of The Children of Summer, he has longish brown hair, and light, patched stubble.

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