"I am to be victorious here today, so my apologies, but this day is your last" -Ragnar Forge-Fire to Diero Swift-Steel.

Ragnar Forge-Fire is a Human barbarian and former mercenary wandering the world in search of his son. He is the current wielder of The Fault.

Physical Appearance

Ragnar is a large Human barbarian, and is muscular, and covered in tattoos and a mane of red hair. He has blue eyes and is otherwise an imposing man, terrifying to many, especially giving his gigantic hammer, The Fault.


Ragnar is a warm and friendly individual, his fatherly instincts leading him in most of his interactions outside of battle. In battle, however, he is full of rage and excitement in equal measures, a monster who lusts for blood.

Skills and Abilities

Ragnar is a powerful barbarian who relies on his brute strength in battle, and is a monster in combat.