"It's been a long time, Wolfsbane. I trust you've been well?" -Rafik Thornwhip to Fenrir Wolfsbane.

Rafik Thornwhip is a Shifter Fighter living in Dyr. He is alsothe son of Leon Doomhowl and Anagr Sorrow, and the rival, and unbeknownst to him, older brother of Fenrir Wolfsbane.

The Serpent of Dyr

Born in the town of Dyr, to Leon Doomhowl and Anagr Sorrow. Neither parant cared for the child, and gave him into the adoption of a seamstress named Erin Spinster, a former noble brought low. To support his mother, Rafik was forced to fight, as was his future rival, Fenrir, in the fighting pits the town was so well known for. Learning to fight nimbly and agilely, Rafik soon was given the name, 'Thornwhip', as well as the title, 'The Serpent Prince of Dyr', and gained renown as a fighter of great skill. He was always at odds with the scrappy fighter, Fenrir Wolfsbane, a lucky warrior who seemed to survive in the harshness of Dyr despite the odds. The two of them were always enemies, with Fenrir always defeating expectation, and Rafik always losing status and his claim to fame due to Fenrir's status as the underdog. Despite all, Rafik could never himself defeat Fenrir, especially after Fenrir gained power over Magic, though through this, Rafik became a master of battling Magic-Wielders and seeing through illusions. He held some measure of respect for Fenrir, acknowledging he must have had some measure, knowing of Fenrir's beloved, Adriana Akaroa, and of her true nature as a Changeling, though in this regard he remained silent, as he had established a friendship with her, and swore to protect her, holding to this promise when Fenrir was taken from Dyr by The Children of Summer.


Rafik presents himself as a competent, if somewhat arrogant and egotistical master of the battlefield. In private, he has some measure of pride, that keeps him alive, as he will not allow himself to be defeated, and the very concept of defeat angers him to the point of losing control. Despite this, he is a master of himself, and a charismatic man, charming the populace, and is presented as a nobleman of sorts, as close to a nobleman as is possible in Dyr, being aristocratic in presentation and nature. Beneath it all, he is a caring man, doing everything for the sake of his mother, and is incredibly protective of Adriana.


Rafik is a tall, slender man, wiry and thin, with whipcord muscle. His clothing is as fine as is possible in Dyr, with a white cotton shirt, tight black pants light brown boots, an emerald green vest, and a red cape bound in a steel clasp in the shape of a snake's head. He carries a rapier and a whip.

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