"Do you seek destruction? The humbling of the arrogant? The obliteration of what is held dear? Then you have found the right weapon, young warrior." -Ragna The Ironedge to Frank Bufferson.

Rachel is a maul, created by Ragna The Ironedge, the owner of the smithy, "Red, Hot, Bang". The hammer was named as such after it was purchased by Frank Bufferson.


Rachel is a large hammer, the shaft thick and ebony, banded with iron, the iron head made of a large ball, with two flower-like sets of many-rowed protruding teeth.


  • Rachel deals double damage to inanimate objects. This effect is nullified by objects that, due to magical means, have increased durability.
  • Whenever Rachel deals an amount of damage equal to or greater than the AC of the armour worn by the receiver of the attack, without regard to Dexterity, you decrease the AC of the receiver by 1, with a limit imposed by the receiver's Dexterity if they are wearing Light or Medium Armor. (E.g. if the target has a Dexterity Modifier of +2, and is wearing Chain Shirt Armour, an attack dealing 13 or more damage will reduce the AC of the target by 1. This can be repeated until the target's AC reaches 12).

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