"Truly, the aura of you're people is a divine one." -Terro Novaris to Dawn Snow-Flower.

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Polani are angelic or demonic humanoids.

Physical Appearance

S Wrath Olga 9679

An Angelic Polani


Angela Dark-Wail, a Demonic Polani

Polani resemble Humans, with differences being primarily an unnatural skin tone with a hint of a glow, with markings resembling tattoos around their bodies. Given the right stimuli, other features will appear, such as glowing eyes, a large halo behind them, and even wings. Typically their eyes will glow when feeling a powerful emotion, such as joy, anger, and sadness. Their halos tend to appear when pushing themselves beyond the norm of what they can do, such as moments of desperation or extreme determination. Some Polani can be born with the ability to summon wings. The nature of their appearance however, is left to chance, and in fact, they actually have a 50% chance of being born with angelic features, and a 50% chance of being born with demonic features.

Relations with Other Races

Polani are a rarity, with many being born among Humans. They often become champions of their people, or their greatest enemies.

Notable Polani