"My Sister and I have always been different from each other. Now I understand, that we were only ever half blood." -Phann Amakiir.

Phann Amakiir is a High Elf, the eldest son of Galinndan Amakiir and the Sheikh of Hamarr. He is also the elder half brother of Rinn Amakiir.

Early Life

Born to Galinndan and Ishann Amakiir, Phann grew up never knowing his mother, her having died when he was only a single year old. Three years after this, his younger sister, Rinn, was born, and he was no longer alone, though his relationship with his sister was always stilted, as the two were nothing alike, with Rinn being more selfless and naive, and Phann being more withdrawn and cold. The two lived their lives as apart as could be lived living in the same building, and always a wall of ice was between them.


With the death of his grandfather, when Phann was but 11 years old, Ganlyn, Phann's father Galinndan became the new Arch-Sheikh, with Phann himself becoming a Sheikh as his father was. With this, Phann chose to walk the path of a warrior, learning both the ways of combat and magic, to become the ideal ruler to succeed his father. Three years later, Rinn left Hamarr, leaving no trail to follow, and with no apparent reason. Phann was not told of why she left their home, and from then on felt conflicted. He felt the smallest amount of suspicion towards his father, who remained silent, and though he never felt close to Rinn before, he still felt a dull ache at the loss of his sister, and dedicated himself further in his training, eager to face his sister once again, however she may grow. To this end, he grew obsessed, not knowing the truth, and determined to be ready to face it, honing his skills far above that of the finest warriors of Hamarr.

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