"You wish to challenge me in fighting? Very well, small hairy man, I accept your challenge." -Patty, to Fenrir Wolfsbane.

Patty is a Giant Brawler living in the town of Stadfesta. He is a frequent customer at the tavern, 'The Leaning Lemur'.


Patty, as a Giant, is a large man, standing just over 9 ft tall, and incredibly muscular, weighing over 400 lbs, He has many tattoos across his arms and chest, of fluffy animals and calming images. He is completely bald, and has large brows that cast a shadow over his beady eyes.


Patty is a man of few words, more eager to exchange blows than words. Despite this, he is not an inherently violent man, simply one who appreciates a good fight, and is happy to brawl anyone who agrees, and is honourable in defeat, often befriending whoever he fights, victorious or not. He carries an intimidating air, but is outside of fighting, a very gentle soul, caring for others.

Skills and Abilities

Hit Points Abilities Score Class Features Feats
16 Str 20 Barbarian - 1 Rage Tavern Brawler
Dex 16 Unarmored Defence Grappler
Con 18
Int 10
Wis 13
Cha 12

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