Owiryn Digital Art

"I have always had a respect for your Order. It has served me well, and I know you will not disappoint me." -Saeren, to Owiryn.

Owiryn is a Human Ranger played by Jaydan Holmes, fighting alongside The Monster Hunters to free the world of Morgorath's tyranny.

Early Life

Owiryn was raised as an orphan by the Wood Elf Ranger Carrick. He trained his entire life in the hopes of one day joining The Dawn Rangers, an Order of Rangers protecting the Elven lands within Honeremorte. At the age of 24, he finally achieved this, having earned his Silver Sun, and his first task, to aid a group of Monster Hunters...

Monster Hunters

Owiryn was summoned by Saeren, the King of the Elves, to aid The Monster Hunters in their fight against Morgorath. Along the way, he wound up lost, becoming the founder of a Thieve's Guild in Havenhall.

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