250px-Orc warlord

"The bounty hunter's yawn left a terrified look upon the innkeeper's face, his tusks very visible in his gaping maw. His green eyelids opened, revealing a piercing gaze which left the innkeeper reaching for the bell underneath his counter. 'Where is the Dwarf? I will ask but once,' said the Orc, his fingers brushing against the ugly mass of metal at his side." -Excerpt from The Tale of the Dwarven Thief, by Allochval Songblade.

Large, ugly, bestial, though not without strict laws and culture, The Orcs are the race most likely to be found among thugs and combatants. They were created by Tulaan, God of Battle and Warfare, and were the fifth race to be created by The Gods.

Physical Appearance

The Orcs are large humanoids with skin colour ranging from green to grey to red. They have tusks and pointed ears over grim, rough faces. They typically are between 6 and 7 ft tall.


Orcs have a rough and barbaric culture, centered around a cruel hierarchy, with members of the race delegated to designated roles, with transition between class nearly impossible, with those that do being given the title of Orik. The Orcs are battle ready as a whole, but are peaceful as long as there are no battles to fight.