"My father is dead?... How... Unfortunate..." -Mordvig Nightberry, to Benjamin Frost.

Mordvig Nightberry was a Polani Shaman and Eldest son of The Nightberry Family. He was the contingency for the resurrection of Kochanka Nightberry.

Early Life

Mordvig was born during The Age of Winter, around 300 years before its end, to Vandr Karl and Kochanka Nightberry. A cold and ruthless child, Mordvig grew more in the image of his mother than his father, becoming a man of power and cunning. After the death of his mother, he dedicated his life for the next 300 years to her resurrection, and her goals of power and destruction.

Winters Heart

Mordvig lived in the graveyard of his mother, performing the ritual necessary to resurrect Kochanka's spirit in Tamminth. He was interrupted in this by the presence of The Children of Frost, who visited him and killed him, stopping him from seeing his plan through, though failing in stopping the resurrection of Kochanka completely.


Mordvig was a cold and calculating man, cunning and quiet. He often took amusement in the suffering and death of others, but was ultimately cautious and never flaunted his power, for fear of a defeat at the hands of hubris. He was ruthless, and would kill any who stood in his way, or perform any heinous act.

Powers and Abilities

As a Shaman, Mordvig had power over the forces of dark magic, and nature.

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